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3 Month Package

Four (60 Minutes) Sessions Per Month $1,950 USD

During this 1 on 1 highly personalized session, we will begin by discovering the most authentic version of you by uncovering and beginning the healing process of any past traumas and/or experiences that are holding you back from your true self.  

We will uncover your true desires for the future and move toward making those a reality. Each session includes a homework assignment that will be tailored to each session along with the action plan we’ve discussed to propel your life forward.  

6 Month Package

Four (60 Minutes) Sessions Per Month for $3,150 USD

Our initial session will be a discovery process to uncover your personal and professional goals and desire. We will discuss where you are and where you want to go and the tools to get you started. We’ll discover any fears or limitations that are holding you back from reaching your personal goals.

You’ll learn strategies and coping techniques to reduce stress and anxiety in your daily life. You’ll learn how to develop more self-confidence. You’ll learn how to have a better relationship with your body and increase your self-esteem.  

You’ll learn how to attract the right relationships into your life and disconnect from those that do not serve you. You’ll learn how to set healthy boundaries. You’ll learn to love yourself and live a joyful and fulfilled life. We’ll harness the power of manifestation to get started on achieving your objectives. You’ll be given all the tools and support necessary to improve your well-being and thrive.

Women's WELLNESS CircleS

Weekly Support Group Per Month $175 USD

Feeling stuck, looking for connection, or are you ready to prioritize your personal growth? I’d like to extend a warm invitation to join me in one of my Women’s Support Circles.

These online weekly get-togethers of 3 to 7 women will offer a nurturing environment where women can gather and focus on personal growth and wellness. Within this space, we will focus on our stories, struggles, and triumphs and find solace in letting our guards down. Through mutual support and encouragement, we will uplift one another in an environment conducive to thriving.

We will delve into various topics, practices, and approaches aimed at fostering personal growth and well-being. Together, we can forge a vibrant community dedicated to growth, transformation, and elevating each other’s lives.

The Commitment:

  • Weekly Zoom gatherings
  • Mindset and Wellness coaching for growth
  • Targeted conversations for midlife women
  • A Book Club to enrich and nourish both mind and soul
  • Meditation and journaling practices
  • Support, love, and encouragement toward achieving your goals
  • A private Facebook group to keep the conversation going

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ICF & EMCC Certified Life Coach
Certified Reiki Master
UCSD mPeak Graduate

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To facilitate a better life for my clients and empowering them to a complete transformation using proven health and life coaching methodologies. I specialize in:

Experienced Consulting & Coaching

Through my coaching you will receive:


My constant professional support, accountability and empathic understanding throughout the sessions.

Develop Positive Daily Habits

Help to uncover your daily habits that stop you from achieving your health goals.

Gain Confidence

Gain confidence and guidance in planning your next steps towards better sleep, higher energy, and concentration.

Stress Management

Help to discover stress management and relaxation techniques most suitable for you and your lifestyle.

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